April Maskiewicz Cordero
April Maskiewicz Cordero and N.T. Wright

April Maskiewicz Cordero and N.T. Wright

It all Stems from two ideas...

Both Christians and atheists incorrectly accept the narrative that believers must reject evolution. I want to change this paradigm. I want to help Christians question their assumptions about this topic and broaden their perspective.

There is much space for evolution and faith to coexist and dialogue. For me and for many Christian biologists that accept evolution, the more we learn and understand about evolutionary processes from the biological and archaeological data, the more reasons we find to worship God, not less. When we view evolution through the eyes of faith, we marvel and are awe struck at God’s complex and majestic process of creation. We are evidence that Evolutionary Creation is a viable Christian option.


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John and Charles Wesley often use the New Testament language of ’renewal in God’s image,’ and sometimes ’renewal in love,’ to describe the life of Christian holiness. In Renewal in Love, theologian Michael Lodahl and biologist April Maskiewicz explore the implications of the idea of renewal in the image of God when it is planted deeply in the soil of Genesis 1.Our renewal in the image of God occurs through the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ our Lord. But too often the redemption freely given through Jesus is not connected, either in our thinking or our doing, to the doctrine of creation. The argument of this volume is that Christian holiness, rightly understood, is a renewal and deepening of God’s calling upon human beings to care for the Creator’s beloved creation.


I wrote a chapter in this book concerning teaching strategies in the classroom.


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Answering calls in recent reform documents to shape instruction in response to students’ ideas while integrating key concepts and scientific and/or mathematical practices, this text presents the concept of responsive teaching, synthesizes existing research, and examines implications for both research and teaching. Case studies across the curriculum from elementary school through adult education illustrate the variety of forms this approach to instruction and learning can take, what is common among them, and how teachers and students experience it. The cases include intellectual products of students’ work in responsive classrooms and address assessment methods and issues. Many of the cases are supplemented with online resources (http://www.studentsthinking.org/rtsm) including classroom video and extensive transcripts, providing readers with additional opportunities to immerse themselves in responsive classrooms and to see for themselves what these environments look and feel like.


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